Who we are

Thusanong Property Solutions was formed simply to be the best estate agency in every town and city. The name was carefully chosen to suit our rainbow nation. The commission structures were put in place to compete with the larger agencies, as well as to attract top producing agents. The franchises offered are affordable and support has been put in place to ensure success. The internal company structures ensure productivity from our sales associates.

Our management ensures our sales associates become specialists.

Our sales associates are either fully qualified or completing their NQF 4 qualification. Our internal training is a combination of the best training offered from around the world. The training is not only practical and educational, but it is also life-changing and inspirational.

Our sales associates and employees are dedicated, ethical and honest. Every sales associate is taught to take responsibility for their actions.


- Because Thusanong works in the affordable market as well as the suburbs we have many qualified buyers moving from the affordable market into the suburbs, then once in the suburbs, they steadily progress up to the more expensive suburbs.

- Our sales associates work in individual areas and specialise in that area. They become area specialists and have intimate knowledge of all homes as well as all the amenities.

- Thusanong is one of the very few agencies that have a service pledge and management will terminate any service agreement and/or mandate that is not honoured with exceptional service by our sales associates.